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Astrological Reports

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Edgar Cayce Past Life Report
In a fascinating and unique report, you will be given information about your soul’s purpose, life lessons and career interests. This report culls past life and planetary between-life information from psychic life readings given by Edgar Cayce for others with planetary patterns similar to yours. Clients report an amazing level of satisfaction from these reports.

Relocation Reports and Treasure Maps
Ever wonder how a particular location affects the energy of your life situation? This report shows how a location’s energy may influence your life. Can be helpful in deciding on relocation or vacation spots. Cities should be more than 100 miles apart for their energies to be significantly different. You get up to three cities at no extra charge, when ordered at the same time. Treasure maps of the U.S. (or another country/continent, if requested) are also included showing potentials for love & romance, career, friends & family, inspiration, excitement, and more.

Compatibility & Conflict Report
Rather than interpret every interaction between two charts, this report interprets only particularly important aspects between the two charts and relationships between zodiac sign placements, Aspects to the ruler of the 7th house cusp, aspects to angles, aspects to inner planets, and important zodiac sign placements are interpreted. In this way, the major themes and issues of the relationship are revealed. (Provide both birth data)

Solar Return Report
Here is everything you want to know about Solar Returns. Included in your report is an interpretation for retrograde Mercury, Venus and Mars, hemispheric and quadrant emphasis, preponderances and lacks, and each planet in every Solar Return house. It concentrates on a complete description of possibilities. Examples range from spiritual transitions, starting a new business, love affairs, marriage, issues involving children and parents, health, education, writing and publishing books, relocation, income changes, career transitions, and much more. Covers both positive and negative possibilities. (Provide current city of residence)

Natal Interpretation
A comprehensive 25-page report based on your complete birth chart. Includes the Sun, Moon, and planets in your signs and houses, your house cusp rulers, and planetary aspects. It’s accurate, insightful and very informative. Includes birth chart, legend, and introduction to astrology.

Child Report
Childhood is a time filled with promise. A new life, fresh beginnings—and for parents, grandparents, teachers and others concerned with the development of a young child, it’s the ultimate challenge. How many times have you wondered why kids don’t come with an instruction manual? The secret is—they do! Complete natal interpretation written to aid in guiding and teaching the child. Covers personality, intellectual, emotional and physical health, creativity and spirituality.

Future Forecast
A precise, 75-page analysis of your upcoming planetary cycles for the next year. It’s personalized for your birth chart and it is an excellent planning resource. Short and long-term influences are described in great detail.

Body & Soul
Medical astrology and holistic healing are combined in this thorough 35-page examination of your health and well-being. Learn about herbs, natural foods, gemstones, colors, flower essences and aromatherapies that can contribute to your health and prevent disease. Discover your potential areas of affliction and how to treat these problems naturally.

Relationship Report
An insightful, 35-page compatibility guide for you and your spouse or significant other. Report includes your synastry aspects (how you inwardly affect each other), your house overlays (how you outwardly affect each other) and your composite chart (the third body you become as a couple). Your material, emotional, intellectual and intimate dynamics are explored in detail. (Provide second person’s birth data)

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